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Greetings! I’m Gretchen Fuller, a mosaic artist living in Seattle, Washington. I create my art using stained glass, tile, cement, grout, found objects, discarded items, etc, in order to produce thought provoking images, wall art and sculpture, as well as functional decor for the home and garden.

I was inspired to create mosaics three years ago while I was visiting Philadelphia and came across Isaiah Zagar’s “Magic Gardens” and fabulous two and three story high outdoor murals all over the city. I took a workshop with him and then returned home where I began a tile trolling, dumpster diving extravaganza resulting in over two tons of tile and glass in my garage.

Luckily I also had the good fortune of meeting Claire Barnett, the owner of Seattle Mosaic Arts, who taught me the art working with stained glass. With her help and kindness, she gave me my first show at the Wallingford Artwalk and the rest is history. I have been producing mosaics like a obsessed maniac. My mosaics range from portraits of people, pets, cars, movie and music icons, to kitchen backsplashes and outdoor wall murals.

In addition to making art, I am a mosaic instructor at BedRock Industries in Seattle. My work is frequently viewable there when I am between art and gallery shows. My next show the Best of the Northwest, November 18-20th 2012.

You can click on the Gallery tab above and view some of my work which is for sale unless otherwise marked. If you are interested in having a commissioned piece of your very own, let me know, I would love to help you with your next project! You can reach me at gretchen@crazydiamondmosaics.com
Enjoy! – Gretchen

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